Uncle Sam comes knocking every year without fail. It’s what you do before December 31 that matters. The value of tax planning far outweighs the expense of tax preparation. You should call us when changes to your life are coming soon such as the purchase of a new home or a second property, estate planning or gifting to family members or charities, family changes like marriages, births or deaths, or employment changes with significant income or bonus variations. We’ll help you understand your options and the tax implications so you feel confident making a well-informed decision.

For the owners of closely held businesses, the impact of tax planning is magnified. Changes in your business affect your individual tax returns on an annual basis. And, your eventual exit strategy may affect your life-time income and how much you pay in taxes. We can help you understand your options and help you plan years in advance to reach your goals.


  • Complex tax strategies

  • Tax preparation

  • LLC and Sole-Practitioner Schedule C

  • State and IRS audits